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Kirtivardhan Singh

Kirtivardhan Singh

IPU , CS Student, Software Engineering, and AI/ML Research

I'm an undergraduate student working towards my Bachelors degree in Computer Science at IP University, New Delhi. Currently exploring and working around Deep Learning and NLP.
Currently I am serving as the 6th president at Association for Computer Enthusiasts, New Delhi. My interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

IP University- undergraduate

  • Calculus, linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics Data Analysis
  • C/C++, Python, Java, SQL, JS, HTML & CSS
  • Data Structures & Algorithms, Machine Learning/ Deep Learning/AI, Database Management, Web Development


Below are some of my skills, and I'm always looking to learn more.

(Somewhat outdated, will update soon. Currently involved in some managerial stuffs.)

Natural Language Processing

Recently I turn to work in Natural Language Processing. Some of my initial projects are on going.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

I've worked on many projects involving machine learning, and I am currently serving as Machine Learning mentor at ACE.


I have 3 years, of experience with Python while working on credit based university project and personal projects.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

With a combined 3 years of experience from personal projects and work at Granny Schools, Adorb Academy, and Gita Values.


I have over 4 years of experience programming in C++.


I have a good famliarity with mysql.


I have 1 year of experience programming in Java. My major Java project is a Inventory Management System.

Personal Projects

Here you can see some of the projects I've done on my own time.

(Somewhat outdated, will update soon.)

In my free time, I continue to work on personal projects and have many ideas just waiting to be realized.

To see more of my projects...

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Papers & Articles


Transformation In Computational Linguistics With Sanskrit

1st Ranked article at KAPILA, Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Gov. of India


A short summary of my work experience..

  • Deloitte USI
    September 2022 - Present

    Deloitte USI, Gurugram, Haryana, India

    Currently working as an Analyst.

    Aug 2021 - Present

    INMAS, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, Delhi, India

    Worked on a Research project around EEG & fNIRS and ‘Real-Time Mental State and Stress Estimation on System on Chip (SoC) hardware.’ Responsible for conducting electroencephalogram data collection of over 85+ people in a VR environment and preprocessing on robust SoCs.

  • ACE
    July 2021 - Present

    Association for Computer Enthusiasts,
    New Delhi, India

    I currently serving as the 6th president. Executing organizational and departmental procedures, goals, and policies. Responsible for organizing more than twenty- five talks and three major technical events. Managed community collaboration with other communities in Delhi-NCR and across India.

  • ACE
    May 2021 - July 2021

    Association for Computer Enthusiasts,
    New Delhi, India

    As the R&D Lead, I facilitated weekly training sessions focused on Research & Development among students. Responsible for research activities and developing A.I. based solutions. Collaborated with teams from different domains for the Leadership Enhancement Program.

  • Gita Values
    Nov 2020 - March 2021

    Gita Values, Gurugram, Haryana

    Worked as full-stack web developer intern for 5 months. Build the first blue-print 1.0.0 version of web and window based applications, for which I was awarded with most dedicated intern. The whole platform still uses the same version of applications with minor updates.

  • Tedx
    Jan 2021- June 2021

    TEDxVIPS, New Delhi, India

    TEDxVIPS is a 100-person conference located at the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studie. Thanks to its unique approach and rich history, TEDxVIPS draws a vibrant array of ideas from multiple fields to inspire thought and provoke discussion.see less

  • ACE
    November 2020 - July 2021

    Association for Computer Enthusiasts,
    New Delhi, India

    Served as Machine Learning Team Mentor. Trained teams on biomedical EEG Signal Processing. Lead instructor in Annual A.I. awareness week. Developed an Empathetic bot with the team. Responsible for analyzing project reports for research and mentoring more than three hundred students.

  • nss
    July 2019 - March 2022

    National Service Scheme, New Delhi, Delhi, India

    Taught primary & elementary school children from slums near Delhi. Participated in several ‘cleanliness’ and ‘awareness’ drives across the National Capital Region.

  • ACE
    2019 - Present

    Association for Computer Enthusiasts,
    New Delhi, India

    I joined ACE in 2019 as a team-member, since then I've been involved in 30+ projects. Organized & coordinated Annual Technical Day 2019 & Code Quest. Performed responsibilities as the Event manager for MLH Localhost on Cloud Computing. Organized HackVSIT 3rd Edition Hackathon for VIPS Chapter of Computer Society of India. Responsible for the first IoT supplies for Major League Hacking (MLH) in India.

  • IP University
    2019 - 2022

    GGSIP University, New Delhi, India

    Currently I am doing my undergraduate study in Computer Science. My major coursework include Calculus, linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Data Analysis C/C++, Python, Java, Data Structures & Algorithms, Machine Learning, Database Management, Web Development, etc

  • Personal Projects

    Ongoing Projects

    In my free time, I continue to work on personal projects and have many ideas just waiting to be realized.

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